Vintage Washington State vehicle registration cards

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Below are some of the registration cards I have collected.  My goal is to obtain one from every year to trace the evolution of the forms.

The original motor vehicle law placed vehicle registration under the purview of the Secretary of State, where it remained until the Department of Licensing was established on April 1, 1921.   The 1922 license shown below is the first to reference the Department of Licensing.

It’s also interesting to note that from 1922 to 1930, the design of these forms were subjected to the Kafkaesque Department of Efficiency.

1910  |  License number 5582


Issued to: James Henry, Seattle

1913  |  License number 17570


Issued to: S A McGuire, Clarkston

1914  |  License number 17570


Issued to: S A McGuire, Clarkston

1915  |  License number 17570


Issued to: S A McGuire, Clarkston

1918  |  License number 63495

Registration 1918 63495 solo

Issued to: Frank Gepford, Amber

1919  |  License number 49877


Issued to: Fred Engle, 945 22nd Ave, Seattle

1920 |  License number 141747 (truck)


Issued to: D.A. McDonald, Wapato

1921 (to March 1)  |  License number 97399 (green)


Issued to: D F Chamberlain, 1409 25th Ave N, Seattle

1921 (to Dec 31)  |  License number 70973 (gray)


Issued to: Douglas F Chamberlain, 1409 25th Ave N, Seattle

1922  |  License number 6248


Issued to: C.R. Startin, Dayton

1923  |  License number 2226 (motorcycle)


Issued to: Karl Gunther, 201 W. 2nd, Cle Elum

1924  |  License number 379892 (truck)


Issued to: Horace E Partain, Camp Lewis (now Joint Base Lewis-McChord)

1925  |  License number 268907

The 1925 forms were printed with the signature of Fred J. Dibble, Director of Licenses, at the bottom, as they had been since 1922.  On this particular example, the DOL had made the effort to cross out Dibble’s name and update it with his successor, Charles R. Maybury, who was appointed head of the DOL in March 1925.


Issued to: L.O. Clayton, Silcott

1926  |  License number 41-289


Issued to: Mary A. Kane, R.3, Box 62, Puyallup

1927  |  License number 155-688


Issued to: I E Hetzel, 262 21st Ave, Longview

1928 |  License number 147-967


Issued to: A L Leach, 1505 Harris Ave, Bellingham

1929  |  License number 131-753


Issued to: Oscar Magnuson, 2901 South 7th St., Tacoma

1930  |  License number 170-618


Issued to: Harry D Taylor, 1820 Terry Ave, Seattle

1931  |  License number 249-973


Issued to: Mrs John Gaino, Dupont

1932  |  License number 21-976


Issued to: Axel & Hulda Larson, 3002 Main St, Vancouver

1933  |  License number 339-840


Issued to: R J Lenerville, 5231 1/2 South Tacoma Way, Tacoma

1934  |  License number 187-100


Issued to: N Q Barton, Route 2, Blaine

1939  |  License number A-105-331


Issued to: Michael J Comber, Rt 1, Bothell

1943  |  Windshield sticker 441851

Due to metal shortages in World War II, windshield stickers were used to renew 1942 plates.  This registration shows windshield sticker number 441851 was assed to renew license plate number C-25885 (noted at left).

Registration 1943 C-25885

Issued to: Charles E Walker, Vanport City, Oregon

1951  |  License number H-5493

This certificate is the for the renewal of a 1950 Washington license plate.  The serial number of the 1951 tab is noted at the top right, with the license plate number of H-5493 below it.  Also interesting is the fact that the owner resided in Lewis County, but the car’s license plate prefix of H indicates the plate was issued in Grays Harbor County.  Either the owner moved, or had initially licensed the car at the Aberdeen licensing office instead of the Chehalis office.


Issued to: Eddie Bazinet, Route 1, Onalaska

1960  |  License number CFL 434


Issued to: Melpa Scales, 9312 N. Howard, Spokane

1963  |  License number JAH 575


Issued to: Darrell G Geidel, Fort Lewis

1970  |  License number OFG 877


Issued to: Donald Y Aoki, 1771 Sturgus Ave S, Seattle

1971  |  License number WSP 698


Issued to: Washington State Patrol