I began collecting license plates in the summer of 1993, at the age of 10.  As a kid, I was always fascinated with cars and maps, and license plates were a natural combination of the two.  One day my mom bought me a 1945 Washington plate at an antique shop, and that was the start.  A week later I found a trailer plate on the side of the road, and at that point I was officially a collector.

My first plate

My first license plate goal was to obtain one plate from each state to display in my room.  Around the time of my twelfth birthday I discovered the Automobile License Plate Collectors Association and was completely hooked at that point.

My collection today consists of several thousand plates, from all 50 states, every Canadian province, approximately 60 countries, and covers every year from 1908 to the present.  My main collecting interest is anything from any era from my home state of Washington.

I am always looking to expand my collection and knowledge – please see my Items wanted page for a list of license plates and related items I am always hunting down.

My main collecting interests:

  • Washington state – anything and everything
  • Vintage drivers licenses from Washington
  • Vintage registration certificates from Washington
  • Repeating letters and number combinations
  • Vehicle manufacturer plates
  • Spain – I am attempting to complete a run from each province, a goal that began when I studied in Spain in college.

Interested in learning more?  Have any plates that need a good home?  Please contact me!

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